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A short history of our business

 R & E L Birley, motor engineers, was founded by the late Raymond Birley in 1959.

               The original facilities included a small workshop for repairs (now used as a store room) and two petrol pumps selling ESSO petrol.


Aidan & Mark 1962 


 An early picture of the forecourt with a young Aidan and Mark taken in 1962! Original workshop is on far left of the photo


An early start to a career, Aidan fixing his bike!




Peter & Bethany Birley 2001 

The next Birley generation, Peter & Bethany.

Aidan Birley 2001  

Aidan, now over 45 years later still in the driving seat!



                     In the early 1960s the then Ministry Of Transport introduced the basic mandatory vehicle safety check that became commonly known as the MOT test. The government department has changed its name many times over the years, currently VOSA (vehicle and operators service agency), but the MOT name has stuck. Over the years the test has developed with many more items being included and it now covers environmental as well a safety related components and makes a major contribution to road safety.

        We were approved as an MOT test centre soon after the scheme started. We have been a MOT test station now for over 40 years and are proud of our contribution to road safety through the scheme.          

        We were agents for NSU cars in the 1960s, until they where swallowed up Audi.

                  The workshop was extended in the 1960s and 1970s to cope with increased volume of car repairs and also to enable us to cater for repairs to HGV vehicles, for which there was a local demand. Fuel sales where extended to include Diesel.

                 Aidan joined the family business in 1975 and also studied at colleges in Leicester & Loughborough, subsequently qualified as a Motor vehicle technician (City & Guilds) and also in motor trade administration and management studies (Institute of the Motor Industry).




A lighthearted picture taken in the 80s for a photo project titled    men at work  

       The piglet in the bucket is a reference to our former farming activities.




                In 1992 a new MOT class (known as class 7) of vehicles was added to the scheme, these included commercial vehicles in the range of 3 to 3.5 ton. These where previously tested as HGVs. We were the FIRST test station in Leicestershire to be approved to test these vehicles. We continue to test them along with the more common class 4 that includes standard cars, 4x4s and smaller commercial vehicles.

           Over the years the equipment has been regularly updated, as needed, to cater with the developing needs of the motorcar & to comply with ever changing regulations.

            For over 30 years, Aidan has had the responsibility for the day-to-day running of the garage, but still enjoys a very much hands on approach.

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