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The last few years, whatís New!

Air conditioning. This is an area that has developed over the last few years, almost all vehicles are now supplied with this as standard.  We have now invested in the equipment & training (C & G qualified) needed to enable us to, service, re-gas and repair most vehicle air conditioning systems.

Equipment used to service vehicle air conditioning systems. It will recover old gas, remove moisture and oil, refill system (gas + oil) and check system pressures.

Computer Diagnostics. Without doubt, the biggest challenge over last decade has been the rapid growth in complex electronic system on modern cars. Electronic control units (ECUís) have been introduced to control many important functions and even the most basic cars will have some electronic control systems in use. All cars will now have engine management systems, the main function of these systems are to control exhaust emissions, but have also given other important benefits, including improved reliability (e.g. cold starting), extended service intervals, better performance and drivability and improved fuel economy. Almost all cars will now also have ABS (antilock brakes), SRS (secondary restraint or air bag) and immobilizer systems as standard.

To meet this challenge, we have invested in computer diagnostics equipment, vehicle specific software and training. We also have an ongoing investment in software updates and technical bulletins (to cover new models & systems.) While we would not claim to, and feel it is impossible for us to offer dealer level coverage on every make & model produced, we feel we now have good coverage on wide range of modern vehicles. To give an indication of the scale of this issue, our current main system (TEXA car & truck http://www.texa.co.uk/) covers over 30,000 specific different make/models/ system combinations and this is by no means everything!

Our multi function P.C. based diagnostic platform. (Emission, diagnostic and technical data)

The photo on the left shows petrol engine emission information for diagnostic purposes. System also used for MOT testing of petrol emissions and diesel smoke test.                                 



These two shots are from the TEXA diagnostic unit; the shot on the left shows fault codes logged in the engine control unit. The right-hand shot shows an example of live serial data stream values, again from engine control unit. These are used as an aid to diagnosis

 (See new car servicing for technical data screen shots)